Tangie | CBD Distillate Syringe | 1 Gram


Type: 90-95% Distillate, 5-10% terpenes

Strain: Tangie

Size: 1 Gram, Serving Size: 15 mg

Form: Glass Syringe with Metal Post

Contains: Full Spectrum High CBD Distillate (Cannabinoids include CBD, CBDA, CBDV, CBG, CBN, CBC, other trace cannabinoids), Tangie Terpenes

About Tangie CBD Oil

This glass and metal syringe contains one gram of Tangie CBD Oil. Heat the syringe over and over again for easy dispensing. Our CBD oils are orally active. Which makes them perfect for a sublingual or in edibles.

Comprised of medical grade distillate extracted from Tennessee hemp. Tangie has no artificial fillers or flavors. And a full certificate of analysis is available for safety and compliance. All our CBD oils are pure and will vary from a transparent to golden yellow color. At room temperature the oil is very thick and immobile. Use an oil warmer available in our shop to make dispensing a breeze.

To take orally place a dab (about the size of a grain of rice) under the tongue for quick sublingual absorption.

Our high CBD Distillate is low-THC compliant having between ZERO and 0.3% THC. While retaining secondary cannabinoids like CBG, CBC, CBN, and many others. Making this a full spectrum product.

The exact amount of CBD in our Tangie Distillate Syringe will average between 74%-89%. With the rest being other active cannabinoids and terpenes.

Tangie CBD Distillate Syringe Product Description

  • Description: 1ml glass syringe, CBD dominant distillate, with 90%-95% total active cannabinoids
  • Serving Size: About a grain of rice, 5-20mg of CBD oil is typical.
  • Ingredients: CBD dominant full spectrum distillate and tangie strain terpenes

Extract Description

  • Type: Cat3 CBD dominant distillate
  • Active Cannabinoid Concentration: 95-99% according to label
  • Crystallization: High CBD concentration (>55%) prone to crystallization
  • Origin Material: Tennessee hemp. Free of pesticides, heavy metals, microbial contamination, mycotoxins, and residual solvents
  • Δ9THC Content: <0.3% according to label
  • Terpenes: 5%-10% according to label

Heating Your Glass Syringe

Thick borosilicate glass and a titanium metal plunger comprise the syringe. Heating over and over again without issue. It is recommended to use an electric syringe warmer for super easy and safe heating. Another easy method is to heat the syringe in the oven. 10 to 15 minutes at 200 degrees c, or until desired consistency.

Storing Your CBD Syringe

Storing your syringe is a breeze. Wait until it is cool to the touch and place the rubber stopper on the glass tip. Place the syringe in a cool place away from sunlight like your refrigerator. To ensure a long shelf life it is important to follow these instructions. To protect against degradation and loss of terpenes.

Weight 0.8 oz
Dimensions 7 × 2.5 × 15 in
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