What are Cannabis Terpenes and why are they so Important?

What are Terpenes?

Terpenes are aromatic compounds that are produced by plants and found in their essential oils, including cannabis’s essential oil. Terpene profiles are non-psychoactive and give each strain (or variety) of cannabis its unique aroma and flavor, and function to modulate each strains unique pharmacological effect.


Why should I care about the Terpene Profile in my Cannabis Extract?

Cannabis Essential Oils (a.k.a. “Concentrate,” “Extract,” “Dabs,” “Shatter,” “Rosin, “Wax,” “Butter,” “BHO”) are comprised of 3 main constituents: Cannabinoids, Terpenes, and Flavonoids.
The latest cannabis research indicates that the presence of terpenes play a critical role in the effectiveness of Cannabis Essential Oil, by directly modulating Cannabinoid Receptor Activation. In other words, the specific terpene profile present in a strain of cannabis determines that strains effect (or pharmacological value), by having a compounding effect on which cannabinoid receptors are activated and to what degree.
The correlation between cannabinoids and terpenes is commonly known as the “entourage effect,” and ultimately distinguishes one strain of cannabis from another.

Why do I need to Add Terpenes to my extract?

Terpenes are highly volatile, meaning it’s very easy to lose this critical constituent of cannabis essential oil during the extraction process. Standard industrial extraction techniques often call for the use of a toxic solvent to separate and extract cannabis essential oil from the plant material.
After this extraction process is complete you are left with a beautiful and highly concentrated essential oil rich in cannabinoids and terpenes, but which also retains some of the toxic solvent used in the extraction process. This residual solvent MUST be removed before the essential oil is safe for consumption. Unfortunately while removing residual solvents terpenes are also lost or removed entirely, resulting in a cannabinoid rich extract safe for consumption but vacant of terpenes, which makes for very ineffective and bland oil!
By re-introducing strain specific terpene profiles from Dope Dabs to your cannabinoid rich extract you create a full spectrum extract tailored in such a way that it gives you control over the finished oils flavor, aroma, and effect!
Bottom Line, when you buy Terpene Profiles from Dope Dabs you get 3 things:
1 – An all natural, organic, and Cannabis comprised natural liquifying agent, allowing you to create the perfect semi-solid or liquid solution perfect for vaping, dabbing, or consuming in your preferred way.
2 – An unmatched cannabis terpene profile that is true to the strain it represents, carrying all of the gorgeous aromas and flavors you love, and nothing else.
3 – A relevant product that allows you to curate your product to yours or your clients needs. One that actually exceeds their expectations and can be reproduced perfectly over and again.
Finally, when you purchase a product from Dope Dabs, not only are you receiving the best terps that money can buy but you are also supporting the ongoing effort to legalize, and mainstream medical cannabis research. A portion of all profits are invested in medical cannabis legalization efforts, cannabis research, medical cannabis education, and cannabis safe use initiatives and smart regulations. So you can rest easy knowing you are supporting people and products that come from the heart, from the imagination, and which prioritize people over profits.

AWESOME! How do I use DOPE DABS Products?

Dope Dabs Terpene Profiles are formulated based on High Performance Liquid Chromatography analysis of relevant cannabis strains, and are comprised of 20 to 34 individual terpenes according to the strain.
Dope Dabs Terpene profiles can be added in any preferred ratio based on your individual needs and your intended application. A little goes a long ways; check out Mixing Instructions.
Our products will mix perfectly with your favorite concentrate. Agitation and slight heat are all that is needed to create a homogenous solution that will never separate or congeal under regular vaping conditions. All products are made from 100% Food Grade Organic Terpenes derived from natural Fruits and Plants, which are the exact same as those identified in your favorite cannabis variety. Terpenes are combined to match the exact terpene fingerprint of the strain presented.
Each terpene profile we offer has a potential use and associated aroma and flavor. Check them out to determine which will best suit your needs.

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