Hybrid strain-specific cannabis terpene profiles are the most popular and common modern day varieties. Hybrid strains have a huge variety of different aromas and flavors. We are currently offering 50 hybrid cannabis terpene profiles from the hundreds we have studied and counting.

Every strain we bring to market has award winning characteristics! Like deep fruity flavors ranging from citrus to berry. Also sweet and skunky flavors you just can’t get enough of. Or the super tropical and ocean grown varieties of the West Coast.

Every Strain is comprised of 100% super potent terpenes! After formulation our terpene profiles are lab tested for safety, and are all-natural. As a result they contain absolutely ZERO FILLERS or CANNABINOIDS.

Strain specific cannabis terpene profiles are based on coveted real world strains from around the globe. We find a unique strain and study it’s terpene chemistry so that we can offer it to you. This way you can re-introduce a strain specific profile to your cannabinoid rich extract! Allowing you to create authentic and effective full-to-broad spectrum oils. That have incredible natural flavor and aroma of the particular strain in question as well as the effect. You can use them directly, or in any number of highly engineered products.

There are so many options, so browse them until you find what you are looking for. Be sure to check out our exclusively Indica and Sativa collections and create your very own custom sample pack to try a few different strains before buying any in bulk.

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