Syringe or Vape Cartridge Oil Warmer

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Our cartridge/glass syringe warmer screws onto any standard 510c threaded vape mod battery or pen style battery. We recommend you set “auto sense” for resistance with variable wattage; set between 10-20 watts.


  • Oil Warmer (Compatible with Glass Syringe and most Glass Oil Cartridges;¬†Battery not included)

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The Vape Cartridge Oil Warmer is a really handy device for those times when your concentrates aren’t flowing. It allows for easy and safe warming of hardened or crystalized oil. And it works perfectly with glass “dart” syringes and most glass/ceramic vape cartridges. Including CCELL, AVD, and anything else that is a similar standard size.

The warmer works with any standard 510c threaded vape batteries and accepts all standard glass syringes and most sizes of standard vape cartridges through the opening in the top.

Upon energizing the vape cartridge oil warmer using your standard vape battery operating between 10-20 watts, the insulated thermal chamber will quickly raise the temperature of your oil. As the temperature rises your oil will quickly and safely come to a runny viscosity. Any crystalized extract will melt back to an oily liquid allowing you to effectively dispense or vaporize the oil.

Check out the Mixing Instructions Page for step by step directions for combining extracts and terpene strains.

Empty vape cartridges, batteries, and syringe oil warmers also available in the shop!

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    Sloe and uneaven

    • Dope Dabs #1 (store manager)

      You may want to try using a variable wattage battery with auto sense for resistance and fire the warmer between 12-20 watts

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