Dope Dabs Cannabis Terpenes

Buy Cannabis Terpenes from Dope Dabs. With a huge variety of popular Indica, Sativa, and Hybrid strains. We offer varieties from growers in the US and all around the world. Including hugely popular strains like Gorilla Glue and Girl Scout Cookies. As well as exotic strains like Tangerine Dream and Pineapple Express!

Genuine Cannabis Experience

Dope Dabs cannabis strains provide authentic flavor and the aroma of real Medical Cannabis Strains! This is because our terpene profiles perfectly represent the particular strain in question.

The Dope Dabs Difference

When you buy cannabis terpenes you want all-natural strains that will taste, smell, and feel exactly like you would expect. Dope Dabs accomplishes this because every strain we offer is based on real phenotypes from real growers. Each unique strain is scientifically analyzed to give you all of the original aroma and flavor that its flower counterpart is known for.

Mixing Terpenes

To use Dope Dabs terpenes simply combine a chosen strain terpene profile with your extract. To clarify, the specific ratio of extract to terpenes will depend on your extracts characteristics and your particular goals. For example, distillates work well with about 5%-6% terpenes. Check out our mixing instructions page for more advice.

Consuming Terpenes

Every variety of cannabis naturally produces terpenes. Some producing a lot more than others. These are those especially aromatic and flavorful phenotypes people typically love. And it’s no surprise why. Terpenes are produced by cannabis plants in highest concentrations mostly in the buds or flowers of the plant. Terpenes naturally make up about 5% to 10% of the cannabis plants essential oil. So following natures natural expression we recommend that terpenes comprise about 5%-10% of your extracts formulation.

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