To Put it Simply - Terpenes should account for 1% - 10% of your full spectrum oil formulation depending on the application. Topical's and Health & Beauty products should be towards the top end (i.e. ~10%); Direct consumables towards the lower end (i.e. 1% - 5%).

Everything is personal preference, so our suggestions are just that, and you should feel free to experiment.

Continue reading for detailed instructions.


 To accurately measure out a specific volume of terpenes use a graduated syringe or pipette. For large batch formulations it may be necessary to calculate the specific density of the particular terpene strain you are using and formulate based on mass.


**Terpenes are flammable! Exercise caution when handling and never bring near any ignition source. Terpenes are volatile and will evaporate, so be sure to store in an appropriate closed container and in a cool dark place.

These instructions are specifically for combining terpenes with plant extract; no other ingredients. Many more steps or processes may be necessary for the creation of your finished product.

Pick from two mixing options: "A" & "B". Option "A" is quicker, but requires heat and precision. Option B is slower, requiring 48 hours for the concentrate to synthesize with the terps, but is also pretty fool proof.

A) In an appropriate glass vial, test tube, beaker, or mixing container:

  • Combine extract with desired amount of terpenes.
  • Apply slight heat to encourage melting of your extract and easier mixing. When using a hot plate w/magnetic stirrer a reasonable temperature is around 120 degrees celsius mixing below 120 rpm if your volume permits. Depending on the volume, adequate mixing can be accomplished. Do not boil or heat for to long a period or your terpenes will volatilize!  Do not expose mixture to open flame or source of ignition!
  • Agitate with a magnetic stir bar, glass rod, or inert food safe tool until desired consistency is achieved.
  • Utilize your formulation immediately by adding to your recipe or loading into your apparatus before the oil formulation cools to the point of being overly difficult to handle.

B) In a vapor locked container (preferably a reagent bottle or glass test tube with a glass, or inert vapor proof stopper):

  • Measure and combine a measured amount of extract with desired amount of terpene strain solution such that the two are in contact.
  • Seal the container so that it is vapor locked and set in a dark place at room temperature away from any possible source of heat or ignition.
  • Allow the mixture to homogenize at room temperature for 24-72 hours
  • Stir or agitate if necessary until desired consistency is achieved (usually in 48 hours). Adequate mixing can be accomplished without heat under various circumstances for products that only consist of highly refined extracts that have undergone decarboxylation and are winterized and free of unwanted plant material.


Depending on your desired application, your end products consistency should be perfect for any application that could benefit from a lower viscosity. Terpenes  as a rule of thumb pretty much always lower the viscosity of the extract that they are being mixed with, this is because terpenes are the non-polar naturally present solvent in cannabis essential oil that are generally lost during the extraction and isolation of cannabinoids. Thus when they are reintroduced they again return the cannabinoids to a low viscosity oil.

Mixing Examples

Oil Formulation:

95% Broad Spectrum Distillate, 5% Terpenes



Due to the ambiguity and variety of the potential physical state of your extract, it is recommended that you start with the suggested mixing ratios and adjust the amount of terpene solution required as you see fit. If you are utilizing a very solid (glass like stability) extract, you will potentially require a greater quantity of terpene solution to create a satisfactory vape or dab solution. In contrast, if you are utilizing a very malleable (greasy taffy like stability) extract, or even a liquid live resin or distillate, you will potentially require a lesser quantity of terpene solution to create a satisfactory end product.

If you find your final mixture to be overpowering in flavor or effect you may wish to add more extract or vice versa.

It is up to you to determine your ideal ratios. As a hint I suggest testing a chosen terpene quantity with 1 gram of extract until you find the ideal ratio, and the suggested ratio is a great place to start. Additionally, you can always add more terpene solution, you cannot so easily remove or add less. An overabundance of terpene solution will be overpowering, resulting in a dissatisfactory flavor and experience. Less is more. Finally, the cleaner (less impurities) your starting extract, the better experience you will be able to achieve.

WARNING. Never ever vape terpenes on their own, it will not be pleasant. If any particular terpene profile causes you discomfort cease use. Use common sense and follow the regulations and safety precautions outlined in your particular industry for safe use and handling. Please refer to the SDS sheets for particular terpenes to rightfully understand all safety and precautions necessary for safe handling, use, and management.



Disclaimer: All Products contain less than 0.3% THC and are legal. Our terpene profiles are 100% terpenes and have 0 cannabinoids.

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