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Dope Dabs offers super high quality CBD distillate pre-loaded in a medical grade glass syringe! And at a Super Affordable Price! What’s not to Love!?

A CBD Distillate Glass Syringe is the easiest way to safely and accurately dispense and store your oil. The medical grade titanium post means this glass syringe build can be safely heated over and over again. As a result there is no worry of melting plastic ruining your syringe or contaminating your oil.

Every batch of CBD distillate is lab tested for safety and compliance, and contains absolutely ZERO fillers or foreign additives. The result is an oil that is fully potent and contains the complete range of cannabinoids and terpenes while remaining low-THC compliant.

Partner with Dope Dabs for premium CBD Distillate and full flavored 100% cannabis extracts. By supporting us you’ll be supporting a true American small business and our mission to provide the highest quality cannabis extracts at the very best prices. Dab on!

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