Is CBD Crystallization Normal? How To Prevent CBD Crystallization

Prevent CBD Crystallization The Ugly Truth

If you’re an extractor, retailer, patient or enthusiast of CBD then you are likely all to familiar with CBD crystallization. You are probably asking yourself is CBD crystallization normal, or how do i prevent CBD crystallization?

For those of you who don’t know this already CBD is one of many cannabinoids, and unlike its very popular cousin THC, is far more prone to spontaneous crystallization. Also referenced as “falling out of solution,” or “precipitating out of solution.”

Activated CBD tends to spontaneously crystallize at any concentration at or above 55%. Crystallization is the solidification of atoms or molecules into a highly structured form called a crystal. Usually, this refers to the slow precipitation of crystals from a solution of a substance.

First of all rest assured that this is completely normal. If you are experiencing CBD crystallization in your products or products you have purchased this generally means you are dealing with a highly concentrated solution. This is good news when considering the value of said product, because it means you’re getting what you paid for. At the same time this poses a certain challenge to the enthusiast regarding use of a crystallized product.

The Problem With CBD Crystallization

CBD in the crystallized form is generally going to be difficult to use, especially if it’s inside of a vape cartridge or something similar and intended for vaping. If you try to vape the crystalline substance you are more than likely going to end up just pulling out whatever is in the current liquid phase, like the liquid terpenes, or carrier oil, etc. Further concentrating the CBD, making crystallization even more of a likelihood and leaving all of the beloved CBD in the apparatus.

The Solution

So whats the solution? So far the only real solution is to avoid a critically concentrated CBD solution by remaining below the 55% concentration point. In order to mitigate crystallization all together. This means using more terps or a carrier oil like MCT or a combination in order to lower the concentration below that of “critically concentrated.” Or raise the temperature of your critically concentrated product to a point that the CBD crystals melt back into a liquid phase. This is the only real solution of you are hell bent on avoiding the use of a carrier oil and if you want a product that is 60%-98% CBD.

Are you dealing with CBD crystallization? What is your preference, a critically concentrated oil or a non-critically concentrated oil? How do you handle CBD crystallization? Is it even an issue you are concerned about? Leave a comment and lets discuss this together.

Thanks for reading.