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Dope Cart

We call our distillate vape cartridge the Dope Cart because it is super dope! The all glass/ceramic Dope Carts are 1000 mg pre-loaded full spectrum vape cartridges. This is the same USA grown, harvested, extracted, and tested hemp distillate that all of our CBD products are made from with the added bonus of being Crystal Resistant.

Every batch of CBD oil is fully lab tested to ensure it meets the strict requirements for HEMP extracts sold here in Florida. And as of 2019, for all legal states. You can read about how we meet compliance standards here. Also be sure to check out the full certificates of analysis for our various batch’s of distillate here.

The Dope Distillate Vape Cartridge is available in any of our 73 strains that we keep in stock. There are so many incredible strains; choose wisely.

Cartridge Details

We use top of the line Authentic CCELL Cartridges. This particular atomizer is feed by 4 2.0 mm oil holes. If you have been utilizing vape cartridges for some time then the CCELL brand is nothing new to you, but if you are new here then check out what makes Authentic CCELL Carts so good. Designed to vape even the thickest oil with ease. Specifically designed with full spectrum oils in mind, CCELL cartridges vaporize cannabinoids and terpenes with precise temperature controls ensuring smooth hits. Expect excellent full flavored vapor to the very last drop. Happy vaping!

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