The Dopest and Dankest cannabis terpene profiles of carefully chosen pure Sativa strains that we have encountered from all around the globe. You won’t find these same exact profiles anywhere else! That’s part of the beauty about cannabis terpene profiling. Based on real world one of a kind encounters of some seriously smelly and incredibly flavored strains.

We are currently offering 12 profiles of pure Sativa strains. Each and every one is a GEM, but of course everyone has their favorites. One of my absolute favorites is Durban Poison, definitely check it out!

Our Sativa terpene profiles just like every profile we offer are comprised of nothing but 100% TERPENES. With absolutely ZERO FILLERS of any kind. They are super potent and full of the most incredible flavors and smells you’ve ever encountered.

Our terpenes easily mix with any kind of cannabinoid rich extract. Above all providing authentic strain-specific flavor and aroma while also turning your extract into a liquid oil.

Don’t use PG or VG or some foreign carrier!

Use Cannabis Terpenes!

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