The following are Cannabis Terpene Profiles of specially selected Indica varieties from all over the world. Some of our favorite pure Indicas that you have likely never come across include Paris OG, Grape Ape, and Golden Strawberry. Yumm!

Like all of our terpene profiles, each indica cannabis terpene profile is based on the actual real world strain. They come from famous growers and collectives from all over the US and abroad. We have studied a lot more than the 11 that we are currently offering. However we have chosen these 11 because they represent the full range and incredible diversity that is possible. When considering pure Indica varieties.

One overbearing shared quality of all of the Pure Indica’s is their shared “Berry” leaning aroma and flavor. In some it is very nuanced, and in others it is quite profound. But this seems to be something inherent to Indica’s.

Every profile is hard science based, and comprised of nothing but 100% tested all-natural terpenes extracted right here in the USA. We are very proud of our Indica collection and thrilled to get to share them with you!

If you’d like to try multiple strains in a manner that won’t break the bank, consider creating a custom terpene sample pack. You can pick any six strains and try 1 ml of each at a super affordable price.

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