What Does It Mean To Be A "Strain Specific Terpene Profile"

Q: What is a strain specific terpene profile?

A: A "stain specific" terpene profile indicates that the terpene profile in question is based on a real world variety of cannabis (i.e. strain). In order to be strain specific, the terpene profile in question has to have been derived from an in-depth chemical analysis of a particular strain.

What we do here at Dope Dabs is really cutting edge. When we find a sample that is of interest perhaps medicinally or recreationally, or maybe its particularly resilient to certain pests and represents an asset for certain use cases. We will analyze a representative sample of that strain for its chemical makeup. The result is called a chemotype - a chemically distinct entity within the cannabis family at large.

The chemotype is unique to that particular strain a lot like a fingerprint is unique to a person. You can actually classify and identify a particular strain based on its terpene chemotype.

As it turns out, what really makes a particular strain unique is its terpene profile or chemotype. This is what differentiates one strain from the next the most, and more so than phenotype or physical characteristics. This information can actually be used to predict the pharmacological value a particular strain possess's, as well as defining its characteristic aroma, and flavor.

So when we present a particular profile as being strain specific that means it is based on a real world strain that we have been especially drawn to for any number of reason and which we feel represent a real asset to you, which is why we have chosen to study it and produce it, in order to offer it to you.

Dope Dabs only offers strain specific terpene profiles, meaning we do not invent our own terpene profiles. Every strain we offer is a representation of the actual strain found in nature. We feel that Nature truly knows best, and there is no need to adulterate any given profile.

We are proud to share our all natural strain specific terpene profiles, and thrilled to be able to offer them to you.


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