Vaping Terpenes, Dabbing Terpenes

Q. Should terpenes be dabbed?

A. Cannabis terpenes should never be dabbed or vaped on their own. It cannot be said if dabbing or vaping terpenes on their own is something that is dangerous but it is certainly not how they are meant to be used. Terpenes on their own, or in other words, in high concentration are naturally an irritant and will irritate the airways and the lungs.

Cannabis Terpenes should always and only be considered as a part of a whole. A constituent of the broad or full spectrum oil.

Terpenes should account for roughly 1%-10% by weight of the cannabinoid rich full spectrum extract or flower.

Full spectrum oil should be vaporized with special attention to temperature, which should be between 380 & 480 Fahrenheit for complete vaporization of your extract at a relatively low temperature.


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