*** Instant Payment Options with PayPalCredit Card via Western UnioneCheck, or Bitcoin !! We DO NOT accept CC directly at this time***

A note from the founder - Before you get into reading about our payment options let me just say that I realize this appears confusing. You're asking yourself "why don't you accept credit cards like every other business," and the answer isn't straight forward. Essentially all banks are very hesitant to process payments for any business that has any relation to cannabis even one as indirect and legal as ours. With that said we are working diligently on it; If you have any concerns you are absolutely welcome to reach out to us and know that we absolutely stand by our products and guarantee your satisfaction; Our products are simply amazing, we stand by them 100%, and we SO appreciate your willingness to work with us given these less convenient options. Thank you, you are the real MVP.

Preferred Payment Options

1. PayPal (Preferred) / Venmo / CashApp

  • Select "PayPal" as payment at checkout.
  • Leave a note or send us an email letting us know your PayPal associated email address.
  • You will receive a PayPal invoice. Please pay promptly to ensure there is no delay filling your order.
  • If you prefer Venmo or CashApp, select either of those options at checkout. Leave a note or send us an email with your associated unique username and we will send you a payment request.
  • Once paid your order is marked as paid and sent to fulfillment.

2. Money Order / Cashiers Check

  • Select "Money Order" as payment at checkout.
  • For USA & Canada Orders, a (USPS) Post Office Money Order is recommended but Money Gram, Western Union, etc. are perfectly acceptable as well. International customers may send Money Gram, Western Union, USPS Money Order, etc, In USD only. If you have any questions or concerns please email
  • A Cashiers Check from your Bank is perfectly acceptable as well.
  • Made out to Liquid Tree LLC
  • Mail to Liquid Tree LLC, 455 NE 5th Ave Suite D331, Delray Beach, FL 33483 USA, these instructions will be reiterated during checkout
  • Please reference your order number if the name on your check or envelope is different than that of your order.
  • For Same Day Shipment - On orders under $500, please email requesting same day shipment. You will need to mail us your check as usual but additionally you will need to have tracking. You will need to provide a clear, flat photo of the front & back of your check along with proof of tracking. We will attempt an eDeposit of the check from the images provided, once cleared within 24 hours your order will ship. We cannot guarantee approval and at most will need to wait for the physical check to arrive.

3. Bitcoin

  • Please download the BitPay Wallet App to your phone or smart device, and be sure to have enough Bitcoin in your BitPay Wallet to cover your purchase. You will only have 15 minutes from the time your BitPay invoice is generated to pay the total due, so it is important to already have the app downloaded and enough currency in your wallet to cover the purchase. That is because the price of Bitcoin is ever changing, and you are only allowed 15 minutes locked in at the current market price at the time you select to pay with this method.
  • Select "BitPay" as payment at checkout.
  • Pay your BitPay Invoice with the BitPay app or other approved wallet.
  • Notice - You can NOT use your Coinbase or any other "non-Payment Protocol" wallet to pay a BitPay Invoice. You must use a Payment Protocol wallet such as BitPay Wallet, Copay Wallet, Mycelium Wallet, Airbitz Wallet, Electrum Wallet, Bitcoin Core Wallet, Wallet, and Breadwallet.
  • Please check out BitPay's support page for more information about paying a BitPay Invoice with Bitcoin.


4. Wallet to Wallet (W2W) - Bitcoin, Bitcoin Cash, Ethereum, Litecoin

  • If you would prefer a direct W2W transfer please email requesting the wallet address to send your payment. Please include the name your order is under or your order #.
  • Please note this option will require an additional 2% fee of your invoice total to cover fluctuating price and miners fees.

5. Credit / Debit

  • Notice - This is very easy, it just takes a few extra steps at checkout.
  • Select "Credit / Debit with Western Union (Instant)" at checkout
  • Instructions are provided. Essentially you will head over to Western Union's site; select "Send Money" choosing cash pickup for the recipient and choosing to pay with your Credit / Debit Card. All details are provided on our checkout page after payment option has been selected.
  • For the convenience of being able to use Credit / Debit cards (domestic and international), Western Union charges ~$6.50+ fee total, which we will gladly cover. Simply subtract the fee from your invoice total when making your payment. The fee varies based on the dollar amount of your invoice, and will be displayed on the same page.
  • Notice - Our products are 100% Natural and Organic Terpenes. 0% THC, CBD, or any cannabinoid. 100% legal. With that said, financial institutions have barred any cannabis related products for "Low Risk" transacting, forcing businesses like ours to use "High Risk" and often shadier options for accepting and processing credit/debit cards. A "High Risk" Processor will charge anywhere from 5-25% plus additional fees just to process your card. This is obviously ridiculous and unsustainable. When Cannabis is rescheduled or de-scheduled this will change. Until then this is the best option we have for accepting plastic. Thank you for your understanding.

    6. eCheck

    • Select "Green Money" as payment at checkout.
    • Click complete order, and you will be redirected to a secure payment page to enter your information and complete the transaction.
    • An eCheck is just like paying with a regular bank check, only it is instantaneous and transfers money directly from your Bank Account to ours without the need to mail us a physical check.
    • Simply enter the Bank Routing Number and your Account Number in the appropriate boxes during checkout. Notice - We do not and cannot see your bank information and will never ask for it. This is an SSL secured site and this is a secure payment option via Green Money. Click here to learn more about this secure payment option.
    • Your Bank Routing # and Account # are printed at the bottom of all physical checks you have that are associated with your bank. If you are unsure of where to find this information a simple google search "where's my bank routing number and account number" will show you exactly where to find this information.
    • For Domestic transactions only.

      7. Wire Transfer / Bank Transfer

      • This is reserved for orders $500 - $20,000 or greater.
      • Please email for wholesale retail orders or bulk volume orders equal or exceeding 500ml of combined product or volume for pricing, invoicing, payment terms, and wire transfer instructions.
      • We are fully stocked and ready to meet your wholesale or bulk needs immediately. Certain special orders may require 2-3 days to fulfill, but we can generally meet your needs in 24 hours. We do offer special discounts for large orders starting at 500 ml, with multiple discount tiers up to 10 Liters of one particular strain or any combination. Please inquire.

      Thank you so much for your business. If you have any questions, comments, suggestions, or concerns please reach out to us at


      Disclaimer: All Products contain less than 0.3% THC and are legal. Our terpene profiles are 100% terpenes and have 0 cannabinoids.

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