How to turn Oil, Concentrate, Extract, Distillate into a vapable solution using terpenes alone?

Q: How can you turn an extract (Oil, Concentrate, Distillate, Wax, etc.) into a vapable solution using terpenes alone?

A: Turning a solid or semi-solid extract into a viscous free flowing oil is not at all complicated. It's really as simple as weighing out your extract and adding the correct amount of one of our strain specific terpene profiles to it.

Generally speaking this can be anywhere from 5%-30% by weight, and it really depends on the current physical state of your extract and just how viscous and flavorful you want your final full spectrum oil to be.

If your extract is solid like glass, to semi-solid like taffy, you will probably want to start at 15% terpenes and move up from there. As a general rule of thumb you don't want to exceed 30% terpenes by weight or your final oil will be to powerfully flavored.

If your extract is very runny, then you will want to use less terps. In this case I would recommend starting at 10% and moving up, with 20% being about the upper limit.

In any case it will require some experimentation to find the exact ratio that best suits you.

When combining your extract with terpenes, you'll want to do so over low heat, around 212 degrees Fahrenheit.

It really is as simple as combing the two over low heat at your preferred ratio and then allowing the solution to cool, and it's ready for use.


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