How to Mix CBD and Terpenes

What is the best way to add terpenes to CBD?

Well CBD comes in a variety of forms, either as an isolate or in a more natural oil form which contains other cannabinoids and natural plant products. Arguably the best form is a natural full spectrum (filtered) extract from a high oil producing strain that is high in CBD. This particular form is generally called "full spectrum CBD oil," but that terminology can sometimes be used misleadingly so be sure to check that it is indeed referencing a full spectrum oil meaning an oil that contains all of the array of cannabinoids and minor terpenes you should expect from a particular oil producing strain, but that is high in CBD as apposed to high in THC.

Adding terpenes to a full spectrum extract is as simple as weighing out the amount of extract you wish to add terpenes to and then adding a 5%-25% by volume (or weight, whatever your preference) of strain specific terpenes to the raw oil and mixing them together over low heat, around 60 - 130 degrees celsius, until you have a homogenous solution that has the viscosity you desire. For a thicker final product add less terpenes (around 5% or less), and for a thinner more powerfully aromatic and flavorful final product add more terpenes (around 10% or more).

Adding terpenes to an isolate can also be done. If your isolate is a shatter or a fine powder and you want to evenly disperse the terpenes throughout the CBD, then you will want to combine the two over medium-low heat (around 130c), until the isolate dissolves into a liquid and the terpenes and isolate can be thoroughly mixed together to create a homogenous solution, which should then be poured and allowed to cool and re-solidify. If the goal is to create a vapable solution from CBD isolate you will either need to use a larger amount of terpenes to attain a stable liquid solution or use some sort of additional diluent like MCT, PEG, a PG/VG blend, or whatever your preferred diluent. If you go this route you may need to use a special nano-cannabis emulsion to ensure your CBD/Terpene concoction remains evenly distributed and dissolved in your oil solution. There is certainly more of a learning curve to this approach than the previous F.S.O. method.

The easiest and least precise method for adding your terps to an isolate is simply to drip a few drops (or whatever your desired amount is) over your CBD isolate while it is in its container, seal it up and allow it to homogenize on its own for a day or two.

The presence of terpenes in addition to your CBD shatter or Full Spectrum CBD Oil can make a huge difference in how you experience CBD. The terpenes tend to work alongside the CBD and other cannabinoids to enhance their pharmacological value. This is often referenced as the Entourage Effect. If you'd like to learn more about the Entourage Effect, check out this page.


This has been an exploration of an interesting topic, are vaporizing terpenes safe? The exchange should not be taken as instruction and will not be held liable for any actions taken as a result of reading this exchange. This is for educational and entertainment purposes only. Thank you for reading.


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