Are Terpenes Legal

Q. Are Terpenes Legal in the USA.

A. Terpenes, which are a family of aromatic hydrocarbons are indeed legal in the USA and around the globe. Terpenes comprise an enormous collection of molecules, and represent some of the most intensely studied and documented molecules known to man.

Terpenes are generally regarded as safe by the FDA, and are allowed unrestricted use.

You can find terpenes is almost any plant or flower that has a unique aroma or manufactures an essential oil, and they serve a huge variety of functions for the plants which manufacture them. These include attracting pollinators, deterring pests and herbivores from an easy lunch. Protecting the plants from the harsh elements and from damaging UV-rays. They serve as unique and functional metabolites within the plants, they can even deter competing plants from gaining an upper hand.

Terpenes are entirely legal and natural. These odiferous oily substances have found many uses in our homes and industries. Some terpene are powerful natural pesticides, fungicides, and have anti-microbial properties. Terpenes are used in natural cleaning products for their natural ability to breakdown grime and grease, and provide beautiful natural aromas. They are used in our food and drinks to provide natural flavoring, as well as act as natural preservatives. Terpene are perhaps most commonly used in health and beauty products, having unique health boosting properties and providing a beautiful bouquet of aromas for perfumes, lotions, and all types of beauty products.

As I am sure you are aware Terpenes are also present in Cannabis, accounting for roughly 5% of the oils cannabis strains produce, and representing important metabolic precursors to cannabinoids like THC, CBD, CBG, CBN, etc. The latests cannabis research has gone on to identify terpenes key role in how one experiences a particular variety of cannabis. As it turns out, the particular terpenes present in a variety of cannabis actually determines how you experience the cannabinoids present in that variety. This effect has to do with the unique pharmacology associated with terpenes, and how they influence cannabinoid receptor sites to accept or decline the invitation to interact with their particular cannabinoid ligands.

As a result cannabis terpenes have become a focal point for cannabis research and our understanding of cannabinoid pharmacology, and as such has thrown terpenes into the spotlight once again. Stressing their importance in our ability to understand cannabis as medicine, cannabis profiling, and cannabis biochemistry and pharmacology.

That was a lot more than you asked for, but the answer is some what complicated. Terpenes are entirely legal, and do not get you high like THC and yet they are pharmacologically important. Because of their presence in the cannabis plant, and close relationship with cannabinoids their legality can be somewhat muddied but in general, they are entirely legal. 


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