Are Cannabis Derived Terpenes different than Terpenes that are derived from Other Plants?

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So the question is, is there a difference between terpenes that are derived from cannabis as apposed to those derived or isolated from other plant sources?

The answer is, no there is absolutely no difference between a particular terpene whether it has been isolated from cannabis or from any other plant source so long as it is the same particular molecule that is being considered. For example beta Myrcene found in most varieties of cannabis is exactly the same molecule as the beta Myrcene found in Mangos. There is absolutely no difference.

The differences comes in when discussing the terpene "profile" or terpene "fingerprint" of a particular plant that has a complex terpene content. Cannabis for example has been found to have nearly 200 unique terpenes associated with it. In addition, each variety (strain) has a unique terpene profile. This is why a strain, for example Sour Diesel, smells, tastes, and feels quite different from another strain like Blue Dream.

Terpenes are what give each medical strain of cannabis their unique aroma and flavor or taste. This is because terpenes are odiferous oily substances, they are natural essential oils produced by a huge number of plants. For plants, terpenes are produced to do all kinds of things, like ward off herbivores that would otherwise consume the plant, but when they taste a particular variety of terpenes they may find the plant undesirable because the taste is bitter or generally disliked, so this is a method of defense and survival. Plants produce certain terpenes for their anti-fungal properties, for there ability to attract pollinators, or to ward off certain insects or would-be pests, or attract certain insects that in turn ward off herbivores.

Why this is such a popular topic and why people often describe non-cannabis derived terpene profiles as inferior to cannabis derived terpene profiles has to do with the process used to create the final product. Cannabis derived terpene profiles are directly extracted from a variety (strain) of cannabis and no further processing is required to provide the consumer with a complete and accurate strain specific terpene profile. For a non-cannabis derived terpene profile, there are a couple more steps required in order for the final product to be of highest quality and accurately represent the cannabis strain presented. Essentially, for example here at Dope Dabs, we will take a cannabis derived terpene profile and have that analyzed in a lab to understand its chemical makeup. This will provide us with essentially the recipe or fingerprint for that particular strain, and we can then reproduce that strain using non-cannabis derived terpene isolates. We only use the highest quality, USA extracted isolates, that are all natural. We also formulate our products using 20 of the most prevalent terpene isolates which makes our final profiles very complex and medicinally superior to other non-cannabis derived terpene profiles.

By formulating a cannabis terpene profile using non-cannabis derived terpene isolates we are able to produce a finished product that is identical to a cannabis derived profile but with zero trace cannabinoids which makes our product ideal for individuals concerned about the presence of any unaccounted for cannabinoids or other trace plant compounds. Our isolates are also all products of steam distillation so there is absolutely no trace solvents or potentially toxic by-products that other manufacturers products may contain. This allows for a level of precision that far exceeds any other method of production, allowing us to have consistency for a particular strain every time it is made.

In conclusion cannabis derived terpenes can be identical to non-cannabis derived terpenes, it is a matter of understanding the process used to make the particular profile of interest. In the case of Dope Dabs profiles, every single profile we offer is based on authentic real world cannabis derived terpene profiles, and they are formulated using the top 20 most prevalent terpene isolates identified and that are high quality all-natural USA steam distilled; with incredible consistency. This is what sets our profiles apart and above the competitions.


This has been an exploration of an interesting topic, comparing cannabis derived terpenes with non-cannabis derived terpenes? The exchange should not be taken as instruction and will not be held liable for any actions taken as a result of reading this exchange. This is for educational and entertainment purposes only. Thank you for reading.



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