Viscosity, Liquifer's, Thinners, and Thickeners of All Types..?? What are they anyways?

Let me start by saying that it's a real tragedy that anyone has suffered or become ill as a result of using a product that is meant to improve health and benefit the consumer. Please use common sense when using the products you enjoy, always seek to know what you are using and that it is manufactured with your good health as a primary concern.

At Dope Dabs we are absolutely committed to providing only the safest, healthiest, and all natural products. One of our guiding principles is that "Nature Knows Best," and we use that analogy when creating our products. That is why our terpene profiles are.. well.. nothing but natural terpenes!

We spend a lot of time and energy hunting down beautiful varieties of cannabis and analyzing them in the lab. We do this so that we can offer you only the most naturally occurring ingredients and formulations. All of our terpenes are from organic sources, and are extracted using steam distillation.

This results in super pure, healthy, and natural terpene ingredients. Period.

Now when it comes to making an end product, of course we are somewhat critical. We're going to always side with the use of natural terpenes and nothing else as a cutting agent for your final full spectrum oil. But there are occasions where a carrier oil may be needed, and of the various options we would only suggest using mct oil as a minor ingredient. This is because mct's (medium chain tryglycerides) are known to be essentially non-toxic (1., and easily pass through the lungs to be metabolized much the same way glucose is, this means there is no risk of lipid pneumonia like some would try to say. The fact is mct is probably the safest and least toxic oil possible, and you should feel comfortable using vape products that contain mct, until there is hard science that would tell you otherwise.

What we would recommend you steer clear from is PEG400 and Vitamin E acetate. The first is known to produce high levels of carcinogens when vaporized(1) and the second is the focus of a new study ( that currently has us believing that this is not a safe additive and should not be in any products you choose to use.

The bottom line is, know what you're using and support products that are made with your health and your well being in mind. These are natural, tested, safe extracts..state compliant and that only use healthy innate ingredients. If you are going to use a vape product that requires a carrier we recommend mct in that case. Know the facts. Spread truth.

An interesting discussion on mct, and general safety.

A lawsuit filed on behalf of many medical vape producers demonstrating the safety of mct as a minor ingredient in cannabis CBD vape oil.

Stay safe, much love!

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