Buy Strain Specific Cannabis Terpene Profiles from Dope Dabs

Why should you buy strain specific cannabis terpene profiles from Dope Dabs? Easy! Here's why.

We are cannabis scientists and we are super passionate about finding and analyzing unique and infamous strains of cannabis. We use the latest analysis techniques in order to accurately identify and quantify each chemical compound that makes a particular sample or particular strain just so unique. We are able to capture every little detail regarding the chemical makeup of a strain and then perfectly provide that to you, representing incredible value and product utility in the form of our terpene profiles.

Our terpene profiles are 100% natural, organic, highly complex scientific formulations. If you buy our cannabis terpene profiles we can guarantee they will easily and masterfully liquify your extract creating a perfectly homogenous full spectrum oil, with gorgeous aroma and flavor that you would expect from a top shelf cannabis or hemp product.

If you are in the market for cannabis terpenes and you're looking for truly top notch scientifically backed strains that taste absolutely incredible and have profound effects then we urge you to give our strains a try. We promise they will stand their ground against any of the competition and you will be thrilled with the depth and potency of our profiles.

You can create your own custom terpene sample pack, and pick six strains, 1ml of each strain, to try a variety of our strains all at once and at an incredible price point.

We guarantee your satisfaction, and it is our promise to provide these sacred oils at an affordable price with outstanding quality and service.